Why Your Online Sales Are Dismal When Your Digital Marketing Strategies Are Hot

From the Mac of Chief Copywriter, Rob Hamilton…

You have all the digital marketing strategies you can think of. From such giants as Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Peng Joon, Frank Kern, Mike Dillard, Brendon Buchard and others.

Your Value Ladder has been built, the emails set up. Your landing or sales page is running on autopilot, just like you have been told it would.

Your tripwire is in place, you have an excellent lead magnet and a tantalizing core offer.

Why, you even have Clickfunnels streaming on full steam.

Yet when you wake up in the morning…there are no Stripe or PayPal emails informing you of massive payouts.

No kerrching!

But you wait. It takes time you have been told. And besides, you have pushed through those marketing to the letter.

Meanwhile, your Facebook™ Ad costs are rapidly rising. Your blog isn’t getting read. Your social media posts are boasting just 2 likes and no shares.

And you wait longer. Misery has set in saddled with utter confusion.

There is still no Kerrching! to be heard.

What on earth is going on?


The #1 Reason Your Digital Strategies Are Flopping Faster Than C Celebrity Back Peddling On Twitter

It’s quite simple. When you have all the right strategies in place but sales are not forthcoming, leads are non-existent and your social media looks lonely, it is down to one thing:

You haven’t grabbed attention.

Your suspects (Which is what they are before they become a prospect) have attention spans less than that of a goldfish. And that’s now official according to science.

You see there are more distractions now than ever before.

A lot of entrepreneurs fall into the trap of thinking everyone on the planet will want their product or service.

That’s not their fault. They believe, and rightly so, that their product or service is so spectacular, everyone should have a piece of what they are offering.

Now more people should be. But like the old saying goes, you can have the best darn product or service in the universe, but if your audience just don’t get the message…they will never know.

This is why your competition, who charge more than you do, but maybe have an inferior service, get more clients and sales than you do.

Their Content is More Compelling

Think about this for a moment.

You walk in from home. Your dog greets you enthusiastically. The kids grunt at you but their gadgets are loud. The TV is blaring to nobody. Your partner wants you to take the rubbish out. Your android has just chirped at you 5 times. The boss wants the report by 9am tomorrow.

You glance at your screen and see an advert telling you there is a new app for anti-stress you can download.

But now the dog is jumping up you for a walk. The kids are showing you they have gone up on a level on their game. Your partner wants you to take them out and is asking if you notice anything different about them today.

You see the top half of a new message from your boss, informing you the report must now be ready by 8am, as the Japanese CEO will arrive at 9am sharp.

Now where was that landing page for that anti-stress app again? What was it actually offering?

You see, now more than ever before in the history of marketing, your copy has to grab attention instantly. It must hook, engage, entice and be so strong your prospects will drop everything to read more of what you are offering.

And that’s just in the headline.

Gold Fish Remember Longer Than One of Your Prospects (Official)

A goldfish has an attention span of about 8 seconds. Everything after that it forgets – utterly and completely.

Your prospects have an attention span of 7 seconds.

If you don’t get it right you’ve lost. And your competition (If they are getting it right) will win. Every. Single. Time.

Flexibility, Adaptability and Speed

It’s not the smartest companies or entrepreneurs who are winning. It is the ones who are able to adapt to change at light speed. Who are flexible and open to that change.

It is critical in today’s rapidly changing digital world that you adapt and change with it. You must get your content spot on.

This is why copywriting is more critical to you than ever before. Whether it is for your instagram post or your Linkedin profile; your bio for your site, or the headline for your squeeze page; the intro for your new video or the 2nd  and  subsequent headlines in your sales page (for those pesky scanners).

You have to get it right.

When you do get it right, and you are using the strategies that the marketing gurus (The ace ones) are telling you to use, your fantastic product or service will serve you proud.

You wouldn’t try to cut corners if you were cooking a meal by scrimping on essential ingredients. It would be wise not to do so with your marketing strategies too.

And the copy…the content you are filling those strategies with, needs to be the very best. It is a huge part of a successful recipe.

It drives sales and leads and skyrockets brand awareness.


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Rob is an author & sought-after marketing coach for entrepreneurs who want to become global influencers. His clients include two TV celebrities, #1 bestselling author, multimillionaire,millionaire and start-up entrepreneurs.

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