The Importance of Powerful Branding – And How Bad Design Can Impact Your Entire Digital Strategy

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs & business owners to rethink their online appearance every once in a while. We often realise down the line how we can improve our appearance and make that better impression. But business owners and entrepreneurs alike often fail to realise that changing one aspect of your branding can affect your digital presence as a whole.

For example; the logo that you think could look better with a slight colour change while the website graphics remain the same. Changing those images on your website and or marketing funnel that are not in line with your digital marketing message. Each change that you make with your digital designs can have an impact on the perception that you give as a whole.

Why is this important?

When your digital design is not congruent with your digital marketing strategy a number of things can happen:

  1. You begin to lose trust from your prospects.
  2. Your analytics reveal higher bounce stats.
  3. Less conversions and leads from your marketing funnels.
  4. An increased number of abandoned carts at checkout.
  5. A lower volume of MTD sales.

As a black and white example of bad congruence in digital design would be a doctors marketing funnel using images associated with construction. Now, that would be very unlikely to happen. But what I do see first hand is very grey areas of this. I have a trained eye to spot these grey areas in digital design that are affecting your digital marketing strategy. And I see it ALL THE TIME! 

All these grey areas in your digital design are impacting the trust you build with your prospects, the leads you convert in your funnels and ultimately, your online sales!

Think about it yourself… How many times have you visited a website or found yourself travelling through a marketing funnel. And for no particular reason you thought to yourself, “No”, and just clicked away. With no compelling thought or reason as to why. I’m here to tell you today it was their congruence between design and strategy.

It doesn’t take a genius to spot a bad website. Even for someone who is unable to spot the technical malfunctions and specific elements deteriorating a sites’ quality, a user will immediately get a feel for whether or not a site is of good quality or not. If your design gives off this impression it can have extremely detrimental effects on your brand.

Make sure your website and your marketing reflects your brand.

This doesn’t necessarily just mean reflecting the brand in the aesthetic design, i.e. colour, logo etc. But within the infrastructure and set up of the site also. Imagine going to the Apple site – A brand focused on simplicity and beautiful aesthetics – and finding a site with confusing navigation and ugly typography. It wouldn’t exactly give you the best impression of their brand would it!?

So consider your core brand values and make sure these are reflected within every aspect of your website and marketing funnels to ensure you build a powerful brand, that you build trust with your prospects and that your sales continue to grow!

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