Get More Clients By Eliminating This #1 Mistake On Your Website (Incl 5 case Studies of Horrific Sites)

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Get More Clients By Eliminating This #1 Mistake On Your Website (Incl 5 case Studies of Horrific Sites)

If you have plenty of sales and landing pages working for you and increasing your digital footprint (Well done you), your website can get away with making this #1 mistake.

If you don’t have separate landing and sales pages, then effectively, your website is your sales page.

That is the hub of where you will get your clients and sales from, build your list or recruit members to your tribe and following.

You my friend (I have to be frank) cannot afford to make this #1 mistake with your site.

Committing this online booboo could, No will change that, IS costing you umpteen lost clients and sales.

You’ll see what I mean in the 5 awful examples I give you below. And if your site does resemble one of them, get it changed fast.

It’s Busy, It’s Noisy – Why You Can’t Make This Mistake

With almost 2 billion websites and 1.8 billion of those active, I would hazard a guess that you have some competition who also have an active site.

So it is critically important that the landing page of your site is written and designed in the most effective way possible.

(When I refer to the landing page of your website, I mean that part of your site people see before they have to scroll)

Now I look at hundreds of sites every week. I like to see what’s working and what’s not.

I will share with you some examples of sites that are making this mistake and, to the best of my knowledge, do not have any active squeeze, landing or sales pages doing the legwork for them.

I have chopped some of the top parts of their sites landing page so as not to disclose the name of the site.

Or get me sued.

The Examples You Want to Avoid

I decided to take Life Coaching as prime examples for a couple of reasons.

  1. There are lots of life coaches so competition is fierce and still growing
  2. One of our specialities is getting ‘life’ coaches increased # of clients through our funnels and marketing coaching, yada, yada, yada

Here are the search results I found in an online directory just for central London. Not everybody is in this directory of course, so these numbers are actually higher.


life coaches london

There are 166 within 3 miles of central London. Remember, this number excludes those from my Google search, which were plenty.

The #1 Biggest Mistake

Just before I share these horror (In my mind) examples with you, you need to know what the #1 mistake is.

Well, here you go.

Stop talking about YOU or your business, or your qualifications, or status. This should NOT be the main focal point of your website.

Most of the sites I visited had pretty pictures all about them and what they do.

When potential clients land on your page they are only interested in themselves. In other words, what you can do for them.

Get it clear in your marketing mind for a moment: Your potential customers are absolutely definitely, NOT interested in YOU when they land on your site.

All they want to know is the the answer to the acronym WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

That is what should be above the fold whenever anybody lands on your Homepage. No other message.

Psychologically, they are not ready (Or the damn bit interested) to know about you.

Their minds and emotions must proceed through a series of processes before they get to knowing you or who you are.

Until then they don’t care on jot about you or your achievements – or how good looking you are.

Awful Example 1



What’s wrong with this?

The headline is vague with no power. No sub-headline. The paragraph is making me think too much causing resistance within. The 2nd headline is also vague. How good could what get? I am scanning.

Well, now I have gone.

Rotten Example # 2

another bad website

What’s wrong?

How do I know you are London’s leading? I don’t care that you are. The picture is tying to them, not the prospect or client.

Book a session for what? Do I have to pay for it? I’m outta here. See ya.

I’ve got 165 other results to look at and over 8 million on a Google search, thanks.

People want to know how you (or your product or services) are going to make their life, healthier, simpler, happier, wealthier, faster, easier.

Terrible Example # 3

bad landing page

What’s wrong?

Absolutely everything. NO headline. Picture isn’t congruent with coaching or self-development or anything else come to that. Wording and design are quite simply horrendous.

I wanted to click off this drab, boring site at warp factor 9 and I was researching bad sites.

Remember you have less than 3 seconds to grab attention!

With less than 3 seconds to grab attention online, how on earth will you accomplish that if you don’t have a headline? You won’t.

Bad Example 4

What’s wrong?

Again, everything. Does this entice you? Grab your attention? Compel you to want to know more? This had 4 very poorly designed sliders across the top of the page. None of them made any instant sense to me. None of them were a striking benefit.

Remember, the online world is noisy. It’s busy. There’s turbulence.

Your potential customers are busy and inundated with their own issues, hassles, stressors, worries, walking the dog, taking the rubbish out, kissing their partner, feeding the kids, bingeing on Netflix and a myriad of other important and nonsense distractions.

Frightful Example 5

bad headline and design

What’s wrong?

Well I will answer their question, Where Will I From Here? To another search result that serves me. I’ll just click that back button faster than a celeb apologising on Twitter for putting their foot in it.

Asking me a question that makes me think. I don’t want to think. I’ve had a hard day, the kids are screaming, the boss is texting, my wife wants my attention, I have 8 notifications on twitter, 7 on Linkedin and 11 on Facebook to answer.

I don’t want to think!

I want to be told and given a quick – clear – snapshot of exactly what you can do for me!

There are No benefits whatsoever.

Psychologically, you don’t want a picture in your design where someone is walking away from what you are offering; unless it was perhaps about divorce, travel or highly relevant to your service or product.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears” is obsolete.

Now it’s the teacher who has the the buggest digital footprint that the students find.

After clicking through to over 30 sites of the 166 results in the directory I didn’t find one site that was customer focused and using WIIFM (In case you are scanning this post and missed the above, that stands for What’s In It For Me)

And I used the Law of Random. I clicked on profiles ad hoc. That tells me 95% of all the other sites are probably the same.

Three Super Examples of Sites That You Can Copy and Win From

I really got fed-up and impatient trying to find a life coach with a really clear message and who wasn’t making the #1 mistake with their site.

So with impatience getting the better of me I went to three sites that I like. One of them is relative to life coaching, the other isn’t.

Brilliant Example 1

What’s right…

What I love about a lot of MindValley’s headlines is they are long. I am an advocate of long copy and have been using long headlines for a number of years. Most marketing people will tell you never have to headline more than 12 words.

But I go against that sometimes and so do MindValley. Some of their headlines (And mine) have had between 20 and 27 words!

This also looks great on mobile and the wording in the headline makes you want to scroll.

Their designs, critical to your online strategy are also brilliant.

Super-Duper Example 2

Clear headline
What’s right?

This is simple and succinct. The message is concise and clear; Learn on Demand. Telling me exactly what I can do, when and at a low cost.

The top part of the site you’ll notice is not the main part. The photo is beautiful, clear and great quality. They have an offer at the top with a metric and a timer (Urgency).

They say you can study any topic. This statement is backed up by putting a search box right below. Brilliant.

Gotcha Example 3

I am using the great Neil Patel for my third example.

neil patel's great headline

What’s right?

Who doesn’t want to exponentially grow their traffic right? Straight to the point. Powerful.

This bold statement is then backed up by his sub-headline as proof.

Of course, unless it is your speciality writing eye-capturing headlines, you enjoy doing it yourself and have the time, you’ll need to hire a copywriter who is willing to bleed to get you fantastic headlines. But if you get a good one, you’ll not regret it.

(There’s always us. We’re awesome)

Mobile Versions

mobile responsive sites

All the examples I have used are desktop versions. Mobile optimisation and mobile responsive is another post all together.

However, in this day and age if your site is not mobile ready you shouldn’t have a site. Over 60% of traffic comes from mobile and in some countries it is higher.

When I created landing and sales pages for an educational company in Malaysia we only created mobile versions. 99% of all our bookings came from mobile along with about 95% views too.

These stats were the same for Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines where we also built his sales pages for. (They still looked beautiful on desktop mind).

How About Your Site?

Is your headline getting instant attention? Is the design stunning? Are your pictures congruent with your message? Are you answering the DNA question in all of us, What’s In It For Me? Does your sub-headline and paragraph support and reinforce your headline?

Look at it through the eyes of your prospect. Does it really invoke excitement, trust, a reward or whatever your main message is? Are you using your #1 Unique Selling Point?

The best way you can increase your results is of course to get more sales and landing pages with particular objectives out there.

But if you don’t have any currently then you must change your website and build it more like a sales page.

I guarantee you just a powerful change to the landing part of your website both for desktop and mobile versions, will reap increased results for you.

FREE Landing Page Lab Test

If you would like a free appraisal on your site then please email me with your domain. I promise I will try to be as diplomatic as possible. I will also give you a couple of tips on how you can improve it.

Please contact me including your sites Url.

Rob Hamilton is an author, funnel creator, marketing coach and wordologist. His clients include TV celebrities, #1 bestselling authors and multimillionaire entrepreneurs. Rob’s funnels and marketing guidance have helped create over $224 million in sales over the last 9 years. That’s why he’s at Spartan Digital.

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