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This lunch time I received an email from someone that I subscribe too…it was an invitation to a free masterclass for some DIY copy writing and more specifically, how to write compelling headlines.

This email wasn’t written to copywriters for copy writers; it was crafted for entrepreneurs. It explained how I would be armed with 27 winning templates of how to write winning headlines.

But as an entrepreneur, do you really want to be learning the art of copy writing? Or would you rather be running your own business?

Headlines Are Important

Now of course headlines are important. In fact, magnetic headlines are needed now more than ever.

Why? because those pesky distractions that steal your prospects have increased tenfold over the past couple of years.

But when you have learned how to write outstanding headlines the rest of what you write must be congruent. The reader wants to see consistency and be able to make connections with your headline further along their engaging journey.

So although I am sure the training I was invited to is exceptional, it’s not really going to solve the problem of low sales or subscriptions or necessarily increase sales.

Sure it will grab attention if done extraordinarily well. But if the rest of your copy does not substantiate the headline, you will actually risk losing that visitor forever.

She may feel misled by the headline if she doesn’t read supporting evidence in the rest of the sales page or advert.

And that will leave a sour, emotional taste in her memory. When she sees your next advert she is far less likely to click through.

Or read anything else you write.

Ever again.

That might seem far fetched when I say never again…but she has plenty more options other than just your offer. Unless you have discounted trips to mars on the table before Elon does.

So do you really want to learn the art (And it is an art that can and must be learnt) of painstakingly writing out headlines? Thinking up what will work? What power words to use? Whether to use a How to formula or not?

Imagine having to think if you should use an away strategy or a toward one for your new landing page at 7.30 am Monday morning?

Would that be the best thing you could do in your business?

And even if you do manage to master how to write that headline, you are then going to have to master the other persuasive ingredients of an exceptional sales page.

You know, how to embed unseen commands that silently slip past conscious resistance…

Seriously, it will take you years to learn. You will have to study the neuroscience of marketing, how the buying brain works, what triggers decision making online etc etc.

Your time would be better spent mastering your chosen art.

Let Us Do All The Hard Work For You

And Get You Massive Results…

At Spartan Digital we do all that hassle and hard work for you. And in some cases, even the 7.30am Monday morning if you want a lightening fast turnaround because your headline has flopped.

The amount of times people say to me, “Robert, I just want to focus on putting my training program together and get better at delivering it. I don’t even want to learn how to write a sales page”

(If only I had that proverbial penny for every time a client said that to me…)

And the amount of times I have said to others I don’t want to learn Microsoft excel. Ever. I would have given all those pennies away.

I understand that on a tight marketing budget the impulse to cut costs and do everything yourself is strong and can be easily justified. But does it pay in the medium term?

I don’t think so. But of course I am a copywriter vying for your services. I am going to try and convince you it doesn’t work even in the short term (It really doesn’t you know).

Instant Results?

If you have outstanding copy on your site and you start getting phenomenal results as fast as possible, this will naturally build your self confidence and keep you motivated and inspired. It takes that fear away. You know, how you are going to pay next months rent.

Whilst allowing you more free time to focus on what you do best in your business.

So if you are in a position to, factor in a good copywriter into your marketing budget.

Find the room for one. Squeeze them in. Miss dinner for 5 nights if you have too (Seriously. You will soon be able to dine out every night if you hire a good ‘un).

At Spartan Digital we do special offers for all of our clients. We incorporate an upfront nominal fee (So we don’t miss dinner) with a commission basis attached.

So we earn the bulk of our earnings from the exceptional and mesmerizing words we put on your sales or landing pages (Or site or video script or emails). And that gives our clients the peace of mind that we do our ultimate.

So maybe you should think twice before learning how to sit at a keyboard with a blank page trying to conjure up winning headlines. Unless of course, like us, you like bleeding from the fingertips.

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Rob is an author & sought-after marketing coach for entrepreneurs who want to become global influencers. His clients include two TV celebrities, #1 bestselling author, multimillionaire,millionaire and start-up entrepreneurs.

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