10 Delicious Ingredients For Writing Successful Email Campaigns

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Email is still big business, as you already rightly know.

You are probably on various lists yourself. Some emails you receive you like. You may have even bought something from some of them. Others you probably no longer open because they were boring you senseless.

Most of those have probably now been confined to the Promotions tab.

I must read at least 10 boring emails every lunch time. I trudge through them only because I like to look at what doesn’t work…

What’s cooking in your business?

Are your email campaigns getting read? Are your audience taking action after they go through their inbox? Or are your emails going unread or, heaven forbid, boring the pants off your readers? (I am sure it’s not the latter)

Like anything you are going to cook-up, your emails must have a recipe too. And for your email campaigns to leave an excellent taste in your audience minds, you cannot take short cuts and skip any of the key ingredients to your successful recipe.

(Of course they have to be opened first. I am not ignoring that. But that is a separate subject)

The 10 Delicious Ingredients for Writing Effective Email Campaigns

If you use these ten proven ingredients you will find that your emails get read more often and more importantly, get acted on.

I have kept this recipe basic and have not included advanced writing tools that I would blend in with these techniques; like the tri-factor effect or embedded commands.

email campaigns Write as if you are writing to one person only

This may sound too simplistic. However, it is a part of the get-read-recipe. The next time you sit down to write your email act as if you are only writing to one person.

This technique will have a direct impact on how you write and subsequently, on your convince-ability and likeability with your list.

email campaigns Know who you are writing to

You should already know who you are writing to by knowing your avatar. Be acutely aware, empathetic and caring of their fears, problems, pain and predicaments.

Equally, you should also know their aspirations, hopes, dreams and deepest desires. Your emails want to move them away from their pain and towards their pleasure.

That said, there are times when your audience need to be reminded of their pain or darkest fears.

If you just keep sending emails filled with a toward pleasure strategy they will soon forget why they should take up your offer or service. And that means less will take action and buy your offer or service.

email campaigns Compose as if you are speaking to a friend

How would you speak to a friend in an email? Would you really say, Please get back to me soon? Or would you write, Give us a quick call on this John, I know you’ll love it?

People want personable. Even if you are writing B2B the personal touch can work well. CEO’s, COO’s, CMO’s, directors…they are not robots. They put their trousers on one leg at a time too. They have emotions and feelings.

email campaigns Be consistent

Everyone loves consistency. The brain craves the familiar and that rule applies to who you are writing to.

Write in your own speaking tone and stick to it at all times.

If you hire a copywriter to craft your email campaigns, ensure they have the ability to write in different ‘voices’. Have a Skype call with them and speak to them naturally so they can fully take in how you talk.

Sign off with your catchy punchline and remember to keep it the same in every campaign.

If you write every day, write every day. Once a week, then stick to once a week (If that is what you have lead them to believe on that particular campaign or from your landing page).

Consistency also helps build trust.

email campaigns Anchor a theme within all your emails

By anchoring a theme I mean are your emails going to include some humour, excitement, an expose perhaps?

By anchoring something into your emails it will get your readers to want to read what you have written.

Anchoring something positive, funny, emotional or whatever in your emails will get more action taken by your lists. Why? because they will be reading all of them.

With an overflowing inbox of mostly, I-wanna-set-myself-on-fire-boring messages, you want your audience to look forward to yours.

Do be mindful when using humour. That cat video you just watched may have left you howling on the floor but it doesn’t necessarily mean your audience will feel the same.

Your emails should be a respite from the tasks being sent by the boss, the get-rich quick schemes, Tesco or Walmart offers or office gossip.

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email campaigns Mix up your emails

Don’t believe all the hype that only short emails get read. It’s utter nonsense.

I sent an email once to a small database of just under 2,000 members. It generated over 5.2 million dollars in under 19 hours.

It was just over FOUR, A4 pages long.

However, although you want consistency in some areas, a touch of curiosity can also work wonders.

So sometimes send short, other times long and now and again, very long.

email campaigns When to Send Value?

It doesn’t always have to be value content all the time, where your list are constantly learning something new. Some emails can be about nothing in particular as long as they are engaging and interesting.

The Seinfeld show was a comedy series made famous because it was about nothing. And that was hugely popular. Why? because it was funny and interesting.

Send them something about what you do in your daily life or a client testimonial you have just received. As long as what you send is captivating, it will get read.

email campaigns Video Content

Mix in videos with your emails too. That doesn’t mean that all your emails should be pointing your audience to go watch something.

And for goodness sake, make the video worth my while watching. Like you, I am a very busy person, my time is limited.

Personally, I do not think you should ever send your audience to a video that contains extreme profanity, political or religious views. Unless of course, that is what your audience signed up for on your landing page and this is what your business is all about.

email campaigns Sell in your emails

I know some people who don’t send selling emails at all. Like in real life, they are scared of asking for business.

I wrote email campaigns for one entrepreneur and he only ever sent “selling emails” and never value content. We achieved amazing results with this strategy for about 2 years!

(The huge results could have lasted longer if he had wanted to send value content as well).

If you only send selling emails you better be very, very good at it as it really is an art to do that.

People Like spending money. It’s called retail therapy for a reason. Ask for business.

So again, by knowing your list, you will have a good idea of when to send your exceptional offers. The rule of thumb knocking around is a ratio of 4:1…4 emails of content and 1 offer of some kind.

I have used this ratio myself for some campaigns.

email campaigns Be honest

Never send emails with half-baked promises or bold claims that you cannot fulfill. That is a surefire way to get an avalanche of unsubscribes.

Being honest in this context also includes telling the truth about how many people you have coached (If you are a coach) helped or who your product has worked for.

Between myself and the founder of Spartan Digital, we have combined experience of just 22 years. That is 12 years at writing great copy and 10 years at marketing design. No other bold claims or exaggerations.

Even if you are launching something brand new let your audience know they are the first takers. You can do this by complimenting them that they are the early adopters who possess uncanny foresight. You can even try giving extended guarantees.

Also, show your personal honesty. Expose your vulnerability, your past struggles, worries and fears. You can then highlight your successes too.

Insert These Ingredients In Your Recipe

So there you have a great recipe for writing emails that will get read. The objective of every email campaign is to get your lists missing your emails when they don’t arrive in their inbox.

Achieve that and you have really cracked it and you will witness a surge in your open rates on your email provider dashboard.

You will start seeing more cash being made from your campaigns and your business will start to thrive and grow.

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It would be great to work together.


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